West Hampstead Gas Safe Engineer

gas_safe_logo_webIt is a legal requirement that all gas work carried out in your home in done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This includes gas boilers, gas cookers, gas fires and gas hobs.

All our heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered and qualified to install, maintain & repair gas appliances.

You can view our details on the register here:

West Hampstead Plumbing & Heating Gas Safe Register number 543004

Landlords Gas Safety Certificate

It is a legal requirement that, as a landlord, your properties gas appliances are checked annually for safe operation. Sadly many landlords still neglect this responsibility, resulting in heavy fines, prison sentences and even tenant deaths.  Many tenants are not aware of the potential danger from misusing gas appliances and having an annual inspection checks that they have not tampered with a gas appliances or blocked up important ventilation, which we have seen many times. We also recommend having the boiler and gas fire serviced at the same time to ensure the safe use of these appliances. Please click here for our current prices.

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or suspect that there is a gas leak, you need to call the national gas emergency service on 0800 111 999. They will advise you on the steps to take including:

  • Opening doors and windows
  • Turning the gas off at the meter unless the meter is located in the cellar/basement
  • Avoiding the use of any naked flames or electrical switches

Their responsibility is to make safe the gas leak, which involves basically turning the gas off and making it unable to be turned on again except by a gas safe registered engineer. They will not repair any leaks that are present after the gas meter. Once the installation has been made safe please contact us to arrange to trace and repair the gas leak and get all your gas appliances up and running again safely.